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Android engineer and indie-maker sharing interesting learnings about my career + business + tech

About Me

Welcome to my personal corner of the internet! I’m Advait, an Android developer with a passion for creating.

By day, Iā€™m dedicated to my full-time role at a remote cybersecurity startup. I’m able to blend my love for technology with the imperative need for digital security.

In my free time, I dive into the world of indie hacking. I’m constantly experimenting with new ideas and building profitable projects that solve real problems.

Right now, I’m working on a project that sends you a daily notification telling you how much money you spent that day.

Turning Ideas into Reality


In addition to my full-time role, I channel my creativity and technical skills into various portfolio projects.

I do this so that I can stay creative, get out of my comfort zone, and solve unique problems.

Here are a few highlights of the indie hacking projects I’ve worked on:

Insights, Tips, and Stories from my World


Welcome to my blog where I talk about my experiences and learnings on a wide range of topics related to technology, mobile app development, and indie-hacking

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