Hi! I'm Advait Saravade, a code-writing, computational math student at Carleton University and founder of Deep Meditate.

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About Advait πŸ€”

I'm Advait. This is my personal website and blog. While I run a performance-based meditation coaching app, this blog is where I write about my favorite books, entrepreneurship, marketing, and whatever else I want to write about. I'm also a 3rd year undergrad in the Department of Mathematics at Carleton University. Although, I am usually based in the picturesque city of Ottawa, I'll be living in Silicon Valley for most of 2020 to give my best shot at doing something to make a dent in the universe. *cue cheesey music*

And if you want to learn more then read below.
1. I was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra and went to school here and here.
2. After that, I moved to Vancouver to go to University of British Columbia (UBC) for Engineering.
3. While in school, I realised I didn't find joy in engineering, and decided to transfer out to Carleton University to study math and computers.
4. I started my first real business during the summer of my transition between universities - Deep Meditate.
5. Unexpectedly, after 1 year, real people were willing to pay for the app, and so I got a business license in early 2019, and setup shop as Simply Better Apps.
6. All the while, I continue to be a student at Carleton University learning about abstract math, and computers.

And that my friend, is where we are now.

Work Experience πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Mumbai, IND
Jun' 2018 - Aug' 2018
Python Intern β€” NetMonastery Network Security
I worked on Security Operations, Analytics & Reporting for the DNIF console. I had the privilege of contributing code to NetMonastery’s open source GitHub repository and deployed multiple validation and response plugins.
Mumbai, IND
Jun' 2017 - Sep' 2017
Deep Learning Intern β€” Smokescreen Technologies
I worked to develop tools that used Deep Learning algorithms to generate human-like patterns to thwart cyber-attacks. I used the Python language extensively with keras, TensorFlow, and AWS.

Education πŸ€“

Self Learning β€” From each job, class, co-worker, book, article, meet-up or life experience
This is how I've grown up. It is how I know 80% of of what I know, and how I can improve it. At the moment I'm learning #Cryptography
Ottawa, CAN
Sep' 2018 - Present
Computational Mathematics Student, Bachelor Degree β€” Carleton University
I'm studying for my mathematics degree at Carleton in Canada. This is where I am learning #AppliedAnalysis, #MathematicalProofs, #DiscreteMath, #Probability
Vancouver, CAN
Sep' 2016 - Sep' 2018
Applied Sciences Student, Bachelor Degree β€” University of British Columbia
I used to study Engineering at UBC in Vancouver for 2 years before switching my degree and university. This is where I learned #MineralProcessing, #Geology, #MineralExtraction
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Currently Reading πŸ“–

Applied Cryptography Bruce Schneier This book is quite the authoritative text on applied cryptography, and is seeming like a great reference manual rather than a beginners guide to cryptography. I am learning a lot, but not at the pace I usually like. I plan on swapping this book with another very soon, but it's still going to remain on my shelf, you know, just in case I want to dig deeper into a certain protocol or cipher.

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