Bank Alerts

Stay informed with daily transaction summaries

Bank Alerts is a mobile app that provides you with a daily notification summarizing all your transactions, including incomes and expenses, across all your accounts. Have a clear and concise overview of your financial activity every day.

Mobile Apps

The challenge

Managing finances across multiple bank accounts can be overwhelming, with transactions spread out and notifications coming at different times. Traditional banking apps often lack a unified, daily summary, making it difficult to keep track of daily financial activities without incurring additional costs. Additionally, there are significant concerns about data privacy and security, as many apps store sensitive financial information on their servers, increasing the risk of data breaches. Bank Alerts solves these problems by providing a single, daily notification summarizing all transactions and ensuring top-tier security and privacy for users.

The approach

Bank Alerts utilizes the Plaid API to securely gather transaction data from all of the user’s bank accounts. Each day, the app compiles this data into a clear and concise summary, delivered as a notification to the user’s mobile device. Bank Alerts prioritizes user privacy by not storing any financial data on its servers and uses AES-256-CBC encryption with device-based tokens to encrypt data, ensuring that only the user can access their information. The app’s user-friendly interface allows for easy viewing and tracking of daily financial activity, helping users stay on top of their finances without any additional cost.

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