Event Bot

Get notified of webhook events in real-time

EventBot is a no-code web app designed to help you get an alert for any webhook event. Connect your projects to Telegram, Slack, Discord, Messenger or Whatsapp and get notified of important events in real-time.


The challenge

Managing important event notifications, such as trial starts for mobile apps, often involves complex integrations and fragmented workflows across multiple platforms. This leads to delayed responses and management overload. EventBot simplifies this process by providing a seamless solution for collecting, managing, and distributing event notifications, ensuring you stay informed and responsive without the hassle.

The approach

EventBot addresses these challenges with a comprehensive approach: it features webhook listeners that seamlessly capture events, supports multiple projects for organized management, and offers robust automation options to handle events once received. The easy-to-use UI is designed for both developers and no-code users, making it simple to configure and manage notifications without any coding required.

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