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December 2022: Been a while

05 Jan, 2023

It's been a while since I wrote on my blog. I think I attribute a part of it to being busy with my new job (yes i have a job now), but I also think I attribute some of it to just laziness. A close friend reminded me of this recently and it stuck with me. I absolutely need to get back to progressing further and an important part of that is sharing what I learn here.

Since I haven't written here in while, I'll write down a brief life update to catch you folks up to what I've been doing.

To begin, and the most time consuming, I have a job! I finally have a full time role at another company. I'm an employee, and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The team I work with is a lot of fun, and very smart. It's always a pleasure working with people who are smarter than yourself. I look forward to going to work everyday, and that's contrary to what I assumed full-time employee work would be like.

I'll also just add here that employment income is certainly more regular than self-employment income. It's a weirdly different feeling receiving the same amount every few weeks in my bank acc vs wildly varying amounts in sporadic intervals. $xxxx per week is certainly more stable than $xxx to (higher) $xxxx per week. Stability provides a sense of long-term-ness, but at the same time limits the ability for me to grow my income/ambition. These are the pros and cons of employment vs self-employment.

Just one more thing: vacation is more limited when employed, but I also feel it's more valued. Having all the time in the world, or the ability to do just do whatever I want is both good and bad. Idk if having a set number of vacation days per year is a good thing or a bad thing but I certainly wish I had more.

Nonetheless, employment is certainly a net positive and the largest contributing factor for this is the team. It's fun (finally!) to go to work everyday. The team, the work, the learnings are worth it.

Secondly, I travelled a bit to Ireland. I went to the emerald isle. I travelled to Cork, I drove over 1300km and met the most wonderful people. I did my first vacation and it was absolutely worth it. I understood finally why people love travelling so much.

I want to end by saying that it's not over. Yes, I didn't do what I set out to do in 2022. I thought I'd accomplish a successful business, build iOS and Android apps, and launch a freelance career in January 2022. However by Dec 2022, I failed to grow (although it's not growing it's stable) my business, I failed to launch any apps, and I ended up finding a job instead of a freelance client. It's not a win but it's not a loss. It is what it is. Life can be like that sometimes, a bitter pill that I must swallow for now.

For 2023, I look forward with wiser optimism. I will update soon about what my resolutions are for this year, but I don't think it'll change much from what I planned to do last year. The important thing, as always, is to do it. I missed that step last year, and well, now is my chance.

Don't just think it, do it. That's going to be my plans for 2023 in a nutshell.