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Getting consistent

21 Jan, 2023

Today marks my 3rd successful dance class experience. One thing that I've learned from this is that as a newcomer to dancing, I found it very easy to get into it and do it consistently every weekend because I enjoyed it. The fact that it was a group class, and therefore fun, made it something I looked forward to instead of a chore. Had I tried to get into dancing on my own I am sure it would be a bore real quick. The fact that I have gone for this class the entire month of January and continue looking forward to it for the next weekends says something about developing consistency.

If I want to be consistent at anything, I have to love doing it. And one way that motivates the fuck out of me is meeting others who also love doing it and then doing the activity together.

Hatw going to the gym? Find a gym group and make friends. Doing it together makes it fun. Hate working on your solo business? Find a biz partner or go work in a coworking space. These exist to build friends and work on stuff together. There's something synergistic about having your tribe. Maybe something from when we were hunter gatherers. Groups > solo.